Build amazing content websites in any Ruby web framework including Rails, Sinatra, or even a static site.

Why Sitepress?

Static site generators, like Middleman and Jekyll, are great frameworks for compiling static websites and publishing them to the web, but what if you need to run a content site from within Rails or Sinatra?

Database backed content management systems, like Refinery CMS and Radiant CMS, are difficult to sync between development, test, staging, and production environments making it difficult to fit into multi-stage development or test-driven development work flows.

Projects like High Voltage make it possible to embed a small basic site into Rails, but it lacks powerful features like Frontmatter and a Sitemap API that make building non-trivial content sites possible.

Sitepress is the missing piece. It has all the powerful features you'd expect from a static site generator, like Frontmatter and hierarchal page traversal, but is capable of being embedded in any Rails, Sinatra, or Rack app. Since all of the content is just a bunch of files, its easy to incorporate Sitepress into any multi-stage or test driven work environments.

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