A common use of Sitepress is to get all of the pages within a specific directory. For example, if a site has the following pages in the /videos directory:

├── helpers
├── layouts
└── pages
    └── videos
        └── cats.html.haml
    └── videos.html.haml

A list of video pages could be queried via:

site = "/my/site")
video_pages = site.resources.glob("videos/*html*")

Pages are just plain old Ruby objects. If you need to query or filter a collection, you can just use:

site = "/my/site")
youtube_pages = site.resources.glob("videos/*html*").select do |r|["video_url"] =~ /youtube/

The videos.html.haml template would render HTML that links to the videos in the list:

    %title Vidoes
      -site.resources.glob("videos/*.html.*").each do |page|
          %a{href: page.request_path}"title")

Refer to the Ruby Dir#glob documentation for patterns you may use to glob resources.