Out of the box, Sitepress can be easily embedded into any Rack app. It can even be deployed direclty to Heroku.

First, install the sitepress-server gem.

$ gem install sitepress-server

or bundle it into your rack application:

gem "sitepress-server"

In the root of your application directory, create a config.ru file wih the following:

require "sitepress"

site = Sitepress::Site.new(root_path: "content")
run Sitepress::Server.new(site: site)

Then create a content/ folder to hold all of your pages:

$ mkdir -f content/pages

Finally, add a page to the pages directory:

$ echo "<h1>Hello</h1><p>It is <%= Time.now %> o'clock</p>" > content/pages/index.html.erb

Then boot the server:

$ bundle exec rackup config.ru

Now open to view the page.

Next, read about working with Frontmatter page metadata.